It has been a long time coming – a year to be exact – that enthusiasts and supporters have looked forward to hearing a recording from LA.VI. The band grew from strength to strength during 2011, boasting live performances at the Billabong Pro, at The Assembly, Cape Town’s premier live venue, as well as touring to Malawi to appear at the Lake of Stars festival with fellow compatriots Holiday Murray and Bateleur.

Today the band releases their first single entitled ‘Far Away Place’ – a track that was recorded at CoffeeStainedVinyl by the esteemed producer TeeJay Terblanche.

LAVI are excited to release their first track to the public as a free download in exchange for a friendly share on one of the recipient’s social networks, encouraging a new kind of helpful trade between artist and enthusiast.  

To share ‘Far Away Place’ and make it your own, head on over to, stream the track and click the Free Download button to make the exchange – friendly and kind, the way music should be!

Chanti Vanti met Kenan Tatt in the winter of 2010 /

she would sing while he would play the guitar /

they hung out in their quiet, windy hometown of Somerset West /

over pots of Earl Grey and conversation, songs were written /

best described as earthy blues tones with dark, dirty textures /